EiffelturmaufWerwirsindWe are sworn translators specializing in the fields of law,economy and administration.
You get legally valid certified translations of your documents to be submitted to and accepted by all public authorities.

We have long-standing professional experience in working for private clients, administrative bodies, courts, local governments, etc. and are known to be a reliable and competent partner to all kinds of institutions.

This enables us to effectively inform you of the official requirements to be complied with in New-Yorkyour individual situation:

You want to go abroad, you come from abroad? You have questions as to the translation formalities for your documents to be officially accepted home or abroad?

Talk to us! We help you on!

Frédéric Schwindack
WerwirsindRaindrop-VancouverCertified and sworn translator
for English and French

And here are some of our clients:


Notary publics

Patent attorneys


Public prosecutor's offices

Municipal administrations

Private clients

District authorities

Regional Commissioner's offices


Development aid institutions

Embassies, Consulates

Insurance companies

Business enterprises